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Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK. As we know that WhatsApp is an app which you can contact your friends through massaging, call video + voice calls. Whatsapp is very quick as compared to other massaging apps like messenger, Twitter. With time, there is also advancement in technology. Today number of modified versions of massaging app is available and almost every day a new version is introduced in the market. People love to use these modified versions because in these modern modified versions different features are accessible which is not in the official app. in these modified versions WhatsApp plus APK is one of them. Install this modified app’s latest versions and enjoy the rare features of this amazing app.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus APK

Whatsapp plus is also a modified version with some rare features which is not available in other chat apps like GB WhatsApp. Due to its features, people love to use WhatsApp plus on their devices. You can use Whatsapp plus on all types of devices like computers, window or pc android and also for IOS (iPhone or IPad). In this post, we explained to you about WhatsApp plus. Peoples love to use different experiments by changing their themes background and front style of WhatsApp screens. If you are using WhatsApp plus which provides you with some rare features which are explained blew in this article.

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WhatsApp APK File Information

File NameWhatsApp Plus APK
Android RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
Size52.3 MB
License TypeFreeware
Available Play Store
Last Updated1 day ago

Download the Latest Version of WhatsApp plus (v18.30)

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Key Features of WhatsApp Plus APK:

Whatsapp plus provides you with amazing features in which you can make your conservation very cool by using emojis and sticklers and authorize group call option and multiple themes and also superb security and privacy setting and more features of this amazing app WhatsApp plus which is explained blew.

Sticker and emoji:

Using stickers and emojis makes the conservation very cool. In these apps, you can find new emojis and stickers which make your conservation very perfect and chilly.

Themes and wallpaper:

In any, WhatsApp, theme, and wallpaper are very important to make your screen very stylish. Whatsapp plus provides multiple themes and very stylish wallpapers because customization is incomplete without wallpaper. From the WhatsApp site, you can select your loved one and enjoy you’re like wallpaper on your screen. Similarly from the theme store, there are more than 600 themes accessible. You can select your favorite color for text buttons and graphics. No need to download the themes differently because these WhatsApp themes are already downloaded.

Conceal online status:

Another important feature of WhatsApp plus is that you can conceal your online status. If you want to conceal your online status from someone then use WhatsApp plus which provides you the option of concealing your online status. Along with concealing your online status this WhatsApp also provide you that if you want to see your friend status but he won’t know whether you saw his status or not. You need to enable the options and enjoy these amazing features which are not accessible in other chat apps.

File sharing:

Another important feature of WhatsApp plus. Along with massages and calls you can share videos, audio, and even photos through files. This feature is also accessible on the official WhatsApp but in official WhatsApp, you can share low-quality video photos. That is why people prefer the mod version instead of the official one because in the mod version you can share HD quality video and photos through files. So with WhatsApp plus you can enjoy the HD sharing file.

Authorize Group call:

Another important feature of WhatsApp plus the authorization of group calls. You want to call your friends or family members any part of the word this app permits you can call them at the same time in the form of a group call. WhatsApp plus allows you that you can make a group of 250 members at the same time in the form of a group at any place in the world.

 Status uploading or downloading information:

Some of the WhatsApp users upload a status that disappears after 24 hours. Almost in every WhatsApp official or modified version you can upload status of 30 seconds. But if you are a WhatsApp plus user then you can increase its length up to 7 minutes which is not accessible in other chat applications. Another important one sometimes your friends or contact list upload status and you like it and want to download or save it in your device then Whatsapp plus provide you the option of saving or downloading it. This feature is very useful for those how to upload a status every day.

Anti- Deleted massages:

In this WhatsApp, there is another important feature that you can see deleted messages that were sent by your friends for some reason they deleted the messages after sending you. This is a very important feature because sometimes important messages get deleted which is painful to you.

Auto-reply messages:

Another important feature that WhatsApp plus provides you that auto-reply of messages. Now a day peoples are very busy with another thing that no time to reply to your friends which results in that friend is annoyed but when you are using WhatsApp plus you need not worry about this because it provides you to set the automatic replies when you are not able to type yourself because of too much exhausted.

History and record:

One of the most important features of WhatsApp plus which you can save the history and record save in any form of documents when it is carried out. This important feature is only accessible in every modified version but in the official WhatsApp that feature is not available.

Lock the app or security:

Another important feature of WhatsApp plus that about the security of this application. You can use pattern, fingerprint, and even pin code. Which can keep your chat safe and private so enjoy the safest and private security. His security is better than all other WhatsApp.

Some Additional important features for this Version:

  • Users can send videos up to a length of 50 Mb
  • Full HD quality videos
  • Users can find multiple different themes from the theme store
  • Change background and also front of WhatsApp screen
  • DND mod
  • Massage scheduler.

How to Download & Install the Latest Version of WhatsApp Plus:

  • First of all, you need to download the WhatsApp plus from our website downloading link.
  • After downloading WhatsApp then you need to click the button to install.
  • After installation starts it takes some time. Wait for some seconds.
  • If an error occurs when there is a problem go to your device setting and allow the permission.
  • After that, the installation starts, and after some, it is downloaded to your device.
  • WhatsApp is installed on your device.
  • Before starting the new WhatsApp copy your data and delete the official WhatsApp.
  • Paste your data in the new WhatsApp and start using WhatsApp.
  • Enjoy the WhatsApp plus features with your friends or other members that you want to talk about Whatsapp.

Key Differences between WhatsApp Plus and official WhatsApp:

Whatsapp plus is very different from official WhatsApp some main differences are.

  • On WhatsApp plus you can send video and photo up to 100 MB through the file but on official WhatsApp, you can send up to 16 MB.
  • Numerous themes are available in the theme store of WhatsApp plus but in the WhatsApp app limited amount of themes are available.
  • Whatsapp plus has better security as compared to the official WhatsApp.
  • You can hide your history and data in WhatsApp plus but in the official WhatsApp, this feature is not available.
  • You can send up to 40 photos at once through WhatsApp plus but through official WhatsApp, you can send 10 at once.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 2022 | Download & Installation Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions About WhatsApp Plus:

Is WhatsApp plus free to use?

Whatsapp is completely free to use .once you download the app on your device you only need an internet connection for its use.

What is WhatsApp plus?

Whatsapp plus is a modified version of official WhatsApp in which you can massage calls and even share videos and photos with your friends or family members. There are also other rare features that you may not see in the official WhatsApp.

 Is WhatsApp Plus gets banned?

While using WhatsApp plus you need not worry that you get banned because WhatsApp plus is anti-ban.

Does WhatsApp plus contain viruses?

Whatsapp plus has better security. While using WhatsApp plus your data is safe. No virus going to damage your data. Because WhatsApp plus is a virus-free app.

How do I download WhatsApp plus?

Above portion of this post, there is complete detail pf download the WhatsApp plus. You can download the WhatsApp plus from the APK file downloaded on your device and enjoys this app feature.

Final judgment:

Whatsapp plus has some very important feature which is explained in this post. Downloading process of WhatsApp Plus and Its provide you the best security which is explained in this article. If you are using another WhatsApp then I suggest you download WhatsApp plus on your device and enjoy the features of this amazing app. if you want more information about WhatsApp plus then read carefully this article. If you have any complaints then contact us through a comment session.

Download the Latest Version of WhatsApp plus

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