18 Best WhatsApp APK Apps download With Anti-Ban In 2021

Now WhatsApp reaches about 3 Billion users. There are many others App are available in the market for messages and calls but most people use WhatsApp. If you ask someone “Which app do you use the most? The answer will be WhatsApp”. The problem that official WhatsApp is unable to address and satisfy the users is the limited features of the App. Many developers are in try to modify WhatsApp and make it more attractive and include more features in it that were missing in the Official WhatsApp. More the usage of WhatsApp is increasing the demands of the users also increasing. The users are looking for some extra features in WhatsApp that may make this App more attractive but the official App lacks there.

Many modified versions are also available in the Market. But the user is unable to select the best one due to the lack of information provided about this modified version. In this article, we will explain to you our own experience of using this modified version and this review of this app is the best review ever produced. Here we will explain to you about the Top 20 Best modified versions of WhatsApp. Before we explain to you this modified version here is some common questions that are asked by everyone and we also think this essential to answers these questions before proceeding to the best point. These questions include the following.

What is WhatsApp Mod APK?

18 Best WhatsApp APK Apps download With Anti-Ban In 2021

Not all the users are familiar with this term but most of the users are. The Mod APK means the modified version of the Official or Improved version of Official WhatsApp. As we told you earlier the official WhatsApp lacks many features and may be satisfying the user’s need that’s why many developers are working to make the best-modified version of WhatsApp to increase the features and also to satisfy the user’s need. These APK will work the same as the official does but have some additional features like more themes, colors, and more font interesting fonts styles, etc. These modified versions also increase the limits of the shareable file up to 50 MB. By using such a modified version Users can send different sizes of files including HD Videos and High-quality Pictures to another.

One of the other main features added in such a modified version is being anti-ban and also anti-delete. With official WhatsApp if some delete some important from WhatsApp the other was unable the see the information but with sing these modified versions this problem is solved also. Now if some deletes the information from his part that will be visible to the receiver as the original information and These include many more exciting features and stay with us to find the more such exciting Information.

Is Using WhatsApp APK safe?

These are improved versions of official WhatsApp available on the Google play store. Now the Big Question which arises here is using such a modified version is Safe? The answer is very simple. The Using of these modified versions is safe if you download from here the link we provided to you. Because we have completely scanned these downloading links not found any virus and also found nothing alarming for the public usage purpose. We are uploading these downloadable APK after completely testing by a team of experts. After testing this APK we found these are free from getting ban etc. also have a good privacy and security level. But if you have still some confusion you can contact us via Contact Us Page.

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How to download and Install WhatsApp APK

You can download any WhatsApp APK latest version from the downloading links given on our website. Next important step is how to install after downloading? For complete installation and proper working, the user must have android having version 5.0 or above. And after that, you allow the installation from the unknown resources in the setting of your android. These modified versions will also work well on un-rooted mobiles. After completing these steps you need to allow all the permissions which you are asked to allow and put your mobile number to verify it with OTP code.

18 best WhatsApp Mod APK Download Anti-ban for 2021

Now explain all the 18 best WhatsApp mod APK for 2021

Blue WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp is one of the best-modified versions of WhatsApp currently available in the market. This includes many additional features as well as the old features that the official WhatsApp has. Blue WhatsApp is developed by Fouad Mokdad who is one best Android App developers. The blue WhatsApp has a simple and elegant interface which is very simple to use. Blue WhatsApp has a better navigation system. You can install this App by restoring the old WhatsApp. You can restore your chats and media files etc.

Download The Latest Version of blue WhatsApp

Additional features of blue WhatsApp

  • You can freeze your last seen to a specific time.
  • You can take your backup to your Gdrive.
  • Custom icons and collection of themes.

Aero WhatsApp

Aero WhatsApp is another modified version of official WhatsApp with a simple and beautiful interface. It has easy navigation and font style and menu. In there is a large collection of themes and also you can download the themes and also install them in your WhatsApp App. The most interesting feature of this App Is that you can save and load or restore any custom theme. XML format. You can the Aero WhatsApp by clicking the download button below

Aero WhatsApp

Let discuss some main features of the Aero WhatsApp

  • This App is also based on an Anti-delete system
  • This App uses the gradation theme which is more relaxed than flat color
  • Using this App You can hide your online status
  • Bubble chat Style
  • Download option available for the Status Videos and Images
  • You can also copy Status text.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is another exciting modified version of official WhatsApp with good and easy features. It was the best-modified version when the GB team launch that APK after the official WhatsApp but due unfortunately the GB team has stopped working on it. GB WhatsApp for Andriod was the best WhatsApp after the Gold WhatsApp was taken away from the android marketplace after being found guilty of violating the WhatsApp terms and conditions. GB WhatsApp APK is also available for IOS devices. GB WhatsApp has all the features which a user is looking for. The download and Installation process of GB WhatsApp is a clean app and also very easy. Download the GB WhatsApp APK latest version from the link given below

GB WhatsApp

Some Key Features of GB WhatsApp are listed below.

  • You can send messages without saving the number.
  • You can change any emoji sticker
  • You can add more than 250 members in one Group (256 to be precise)
  • You can download the video and images Status.
  • You can send one broadcast message to up to 600 members
  • Over 250 words can be written in one Status
  • You can change the theme at any time
  • You can change the font style as well

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp plus was a very popular App when it was released but with more development. Now there are many other better WhatsApp APk are available in the market. WhatsApp plus Still has some key features which are not included in the official WhatsApp available on the Google play store. To use WhatsApp plus App you have to uninstall the original WhatsApp because this is not a clone App in your android. Download the WhatsApp plus APK Latest version from the link given below

Download GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version

Let have a glance at some Key Features of WhatsApp Plus

  • WhatsApp plus is a completely emoji supported App
  • You can also auto-reply in WhatsApp Plus
  • Video call support for group members is also available
  • You can hide your online status
  • Send and receive large Video files
  • You can send high-quality images without losing the quality

OG WhatsApp

Every user is looking for a simple, secure, clean, and reliable App for communication. OG WhatsApp has all these in one. This is one the best-modified version where the developer has added some additional features in it. These advanced features enhance user privacy and security. OG WhatsApp gives you the option of selecting that who can watch your profile picture, Status. You can select who can chat with you using OG WhatsApp APK. You can un-sent any message up to 180 minutes after sending the message. You can download the latest version of OG WhatsApp APK from the given below and install the OG WhatsApp on Your android.

OG WhatsApp Latest version

Key Features of OG WhatsApp APK

  • You can large Video file up to 256 MB
  • A new launcher icon is also available
  • You can set the Status availability up to 48 hours
  • This App provides you complete security and privacy
  • You can delete any sent message for up to 3 hours

FM WhatsApp

If you want a chose the best WhatsApp modified APK then You should choose FM WhatsApp. Even you can choose FM WhatsApp over the official WhatsApp also. You can Download FM WhatsApp for Windows and PC. You can also download the latest version of FM WhatsApp for IOS. If you have used any Other Mod WhatsApp APK then this is a change with a huge collection of new features and straightforward navigation. The user can enjoy excellent security and privacy using this App. You can download the latest version of FM WhatsApp from the link given below.FM WhatsApp APK Download latest version anti-ban (official)

Download the Latest version of FM WhatsApp

some Key features of FM WhatsApp APK

  • You can send over 30 pictures at once
  • You can download images and Videos
  • You can set a Video Status for more than 30 Seconds

Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp is also one of the popular modified versions of WhatsApp Currently available in the market. Fouad WhatsApp provides many additional features. You can also customize themes, font style, and other changing styles, and also users can customize the privacy mods. This is a completely anti-ban WhatsApp APK. This App is also as same as other APK but in this App, you can change emoji sticker variants. You can download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp APK from the link given below.

Fouad WhatsApp APK download latest version 2021 for android

Key Features of Fouad WhatsApp APK

  • Completely base on an anti-Ban system
  • You can change emoji sticker variants
  • Fouad WhatsApp dedicated theme
  • Show your profile picture on the home page

NS WhatsApp

Ns WhatsApp is a 3D mod WhatsApp launched by Team NS 3D. NS WhatsApp has a clean user interface. You can see the stories in the header section. NS WhatsApp has a transparent search bar for searching any Thing within the phone. You can also set the individuals images for every contract. You can also change the font style in the settings. Download the latest version of NS WhatsApp from the link given below

Download the latest version of NS WhatsApp APk

Features of NS WhatsApp

  • You can share large length videos up to 700 MB
  • Custom font option is available
  • You can send images up to 17 MB at the same time

IOS WhatsApp

IOS WhatsApp is one of the excellent WhatsApp available for androids. This IOS WhatsApp is also based on Fouad WhatsApp and both have similar features somewhat. For this IOS WhatsApp. This is a clone App and you can use the official WhatsApp and IOS WhatsApp at the same time. Download the latest version of IOS WhatsApp APK from the link given below

Download the Latest Version of IOS WhatsApp APK

Key Featured of IOS WhatsApp

  • Beautiful IOS theme
  • Easy navigation
  • You can download Video Stories and Pictures

FM WhatsApp 2

FM WhatsApp 2 is the best alternative for FM WhatsApp your daily chit chat with your close one. FM WhatsApp is the more advanced WhatsApp feature including the features FM WhatsApp has. This WhatsApp can be used along with other WhatsApp like OG WhatsApp etc. You can download the latest version of FM WhatsApp from the link given below.

FM WhatsApp 2 APK

Key Features of FM WhatsApp 2

  • You can download status, images and also you can freeze the last seen
  • You can set always online status
  • You can send video up to 30 MB

YO WhatsApp

YO WhatsApp is another modified version of WhatsApp having three different variants and can the YO WhatsApp can be installed on android of 5.0 or plus. YO WhatsApp also has some key features which the Official WhatsApp lacks. You can select any theme from the theme gallery and customize it as per your need. You can download the latest version of YO WhatsApp from the link given below

Download YO WhatsApp

Key Features of YO WhatsApp

  • You can send up to 100 images at the same time.
  • You can display profile pictures in different groups
  • You can still send messages to someone who blocked you
  • Different format files can be sent e.g. APK, ZIP, etc
  • A collection of theme gallery over 4500 themes
  • You can hide anything like a blue stick, Your typing status, and online Status

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold is another greatly modified version of WhatsApp which includes much more features that Official WhatsApp does not have. The Theme collection of WhatsApp Gold is above 5500 Themes. All the themes can be downloaded and free to use. There are many more key Features WhatsApp Gold has including the Voice Change which enables the user to send voice messages in unique tones. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold from the link given below, WhatsApp Gold APK Download 8.51 Latest version.

WhatsApp Gold

Key Features of WhatsApp Gold

  • Voice Changer
  • You can set auto-reply
  • You can select different video effect

WhatsApp Lite

If you are looking for a free message calls instant app then WhatsApp lite is the solution that provides you all of these and much more. WhatsApp lite is a popular instant massager. WhatsApp lite is also a modified version with advanced features. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp li8 from the link below

Latest Version of WhatsApp APK lite

Features of WhatsApp lite

  • Lightweight Application as compared to Official WhatsApp
  • This will consume fewer resources
  • Anti-Ban System

WhatsApp prime

WhatsApp is also an Instant messaging Application and WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging application. WhatsApp prime is also being used by many peoples. Even some people do prefer WhatsApp prime instead of Official WhatsApp. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp prime from the link given below.

WhatsApp Prime APK

WhatsApp Prime Key Features

  • Availability of Increase file transfer option
  • You can download the status, Images, and Videos
  • Anti-ban System
  • You can unsent any send message

HM WhatsApp

Another modified version of Official WhatsApp was developed by Hassan Moussa. HM WhatsApp is being used by millions of users. There are many advanced features and customizations are available here which are not available in Official WhatsApp. You can download the latest version of HM WhatsApp from the link given below.

Download the Latest version HM WhatsApp

Key Features of HM WhatsApp

  • Anti-ban
  • Hide last seen
  • In-built translator
  • Download Status
  • Share large file

WAP WhatsApp

WAP WhatsApp is also another modified version of official WhatsApp with some additional features. You can run this app on your android version of 5.0 or more. There are many advanced features available that are not available on official WhatsApp. Download the latest version from the link below

WAP WhatsApp APK

Features of WAP WhatsApp

  • Anti-ban
  • Download the Status
  • Hide Online Status
  • Send and receive large files

Pink WhatsApp

One of the Latest and becoming very popular WhatsApp modified versions is pink WhatsApp. It has many more advanced features like downloading Status, Sharing the Large files, and hiding the online Status, etc. This pink WhatsApp APK was developed by Altornedo7. Because of the many advanced features, the pink WhatsApp is becoming very popular now e days. You can download the latest version of pink WhatsApp from the link given below.

Pink WhatsApp APK

Key Features of pink WhatsApp

  • Send files in any format
  • Users can change the interface by selecting any theme
  • You can download Status. E.g. images, Video, etc.
  • You can also copy Status text
  • Hide messages

WhatsApp Mix

Yet another amazing WhatsApp modified version developed by Nairo Mix. WhatsApp mix also has some advance and interesting features available in it that do not have in official WhatsApp. Download the latest version from the link below

WhatsApp Mix APK

Features of WhatsApp Mix

  • Sending large files
  • Send files in any format
  • A big collection of themes
  • A beautiful Interface
  • Hide Online Status
  • Download the Status Images and Vide
  • Copy Status Text

Final Verdicts

All the above mention modified versions are third-party products. We have used all the above versions. We found these modified versions of WhatsApp are safe to use on your androids. There is no such privacy and security risk of using these versions. Still, if you have any questions regarding the WhatsApp APK then you share your thoughts below in the comment box. Download and install the above WhatsApp APK and enjoy the additional features these APK has.