WhatsApp Gold APK Download Version V10.00 for Android 2022 Anti-Ban

In this modern era, people use different ways of communication with each other and one of them is WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp, you can communicate with everyone every everywhere through messaging, calls (audio or video). But there are several WhatsApp apps present at the moment. so you have to choose the best WhatsApp for communication with your friends, family, and all over the world. In these WhatsApp apps, WhatsApp gold is very advanced and amazed features. download WhatsApp apk latest version for android 

What is the WhatsApp gold APK? 

WhatsApp Gold APK

Gold APK is the latest addition in WhatsApp because there are several WhatsApp’s like blue WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp GB WhatsApp, and the list go on. Due to modern technology every day a new WhatsApp is invented. So everyone has the choice to go for the best one. The gold WhatsApp is like to choose by everyone because it is different from another one its features are very advanced and also enjoyable. The gold WhatsApp has additional features that his compotator don’t have for example if are thinking that it is very difficult to write a message then you simply send an audio voice message with a clear voice. In other WhatsApp, there are slight voice effects as compared to gold WhatsApp. The voice is not clear which makes it the difference between them. You can also download WhatsApp Gold APK for Windows

Download WhatsApp Gold APK

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Application Additional Information:

App NameWhatsApp Gold APK
LicenseFree Ware
Size48.60 MB
Latest Version8.51
Phone requirements android version 4.0 and plus
File typeAPK
Update Yesterday

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Features of gold WhatsApp APK for Android:

Gold WhatsApp is amazing app for massaging app. With massaging also other modified features in the app.

Hiding appearance:

One of the features of gold is WhatsApp sometimes you are busy and not able to reply to your friends. For this in gold WhatsApp has an application that kept you’re your appearance hide .you only need to do the application enable in the setting. So your friends think you’re offline and keep your secret.

Status information:

At WhatsApp some people upload their status every day because in WhatsApp’s the application of status is for that user can upload a status that disappears after 24 hours but in some WhatsApp’s there problem of length and size in gold WhatsApp, you can upload a video size of 30 MB instead of 15 MB. maximum length of the status is 5 minutes.

Additional features: 

This WhatsApp has additional features. These additional features mean that someone is talking you want to know then using gold WhatsApp APK there is a chance to know who is talking to that person because his details are right on your screen if he is connected then talking to someone otherwise not. You can change the color and also theme by using this app. You can select your favorite color. You can also change the color of the background, front of the application. This makes it different from the gold WhatsApp from its competitors. This type of advanced feature is not accessible in other applications. But for gold WhatsApp users, can enjoy these features

Backup all massages:

The other important feature of this application is that if you are going to restore your phone but you want to keep saving your messages. then this application allows you to backup all your messages after restoring your device. So by using this application you won’t lose your important messages.

Auto reply:

Another important feature of gold WhatsApp is that if you are busy at whole day then this application provides you to allow the auto-reply feature.


In this application, the feature of anti–repeal is also informational because when you allow this feature to mean anti- repeal then everyone who sent a message to you but for some reason, he deleted the message but in your WhatsApp, the feature of anti-repeal is enabled the sender is not able to delete that message from you.

Authorize group calls:

In this application along with massages you can also talk to friends, family members, or anyone on calls then this application provides you the feature of the group call. in group call you can talk to family members or friends who are away from you with the group call you always talk to them at any place or any time.

Privacy or security: 

There are too many ways to save your data and application provided by gold WhatsApp like password, lock and most important one is fingerprint. With these security services, your data and chats are saved.

File length and size:

These applications allow you to send videos or photos in files to anyone you want to send. But in other apps, their size or length is about 10 to 15 MB or 25 to 30 photos at once but this application provides you larger length or size than other chat apps. In this application, you can send 70 to 90 photos at once and 30 MB size video you can send at once through files.

Additional Features of WhatsApp Gold APK for Android:

  • Hide your activity or blue tick.
  • Swipe to reply.
  • Switch the notification color.
  • Send a message to different people at once.
  • Download the contact WhatsApp status.
  • Background themes collection.
  • Language voice changer.

How to download and install WhatsApp gold APK for android:

  • After downloading WhatsApp gold open WhatsApp click on the menu.
  • Click on the setting
  • After that backup your massages
  • Allow permissions or allow unknown sources
  • Select the Apk downloaded file
  • Click on the button of install
  • After that, the installation starts
  • After some time the application is installed on your android device or your smartphone
  • So now you can enjoy the features of this very good application

What did people ask about this application?

Is this app is free to use?

Yes, this app is completely free to use once when you download it then you only need an internet connection. It will cost you nothing.

 What is WhatsApp gold APK? 

Whatapp gold APK is the modified version of WhatsApp where you can message or call audio +video and also send a video or photos with limited size to anyone through WhatsApp gold. You can send the above things to a person that also uses any type of WhatsApp.

How I do download WhatsApp gold APK?

You can download this application on your smartphone or phone. Download the APK file and click on the install button and the WhatsApp gold APK is installed or downloaded on your device

Is this app is safe?

This application is completely safe.it provides you with different ways to protect your chat and data through the pin, pattern lock screen, etc.

Final verdict:

Whatapp is now most important and safe to communicate with each other. Because with more advanced features peoples love to use the WhatsApp gold APK. All the important functions of the WhatsApp gold APK are discussed in detail. If you have asked something about this then please tell us through social media.

Download WhatsApp Gold APK

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