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GTA 5 APK. Millions of people love the Grand Theft Auto games. The first one came out in 1997 and since then, it has gone a long way. The fifth main installment was released back in 2013 and it’s still popular. GTA 5 is an exciting adventure game that takes you to Los Santos, a city in America. GTA 5 is a video game that many people know. It is the second best-selling video game of all time and it got 135 million copies sold. If you have never played GTA 5 or if you are a fan of the series, you should read this article because it has a lot of information about the iconic game.

We all played GTA games as a kid. One of the most popular series is GTA Vice City. Do you remember? Yeah! It was such a small city that we could do anything in. We were able to do crimes in all the GTA games, no matter which game it was. Just recently they released GTA V a long time ago. Before that, they released GTA IV in 2008, and before that, they introduced Grand Theft Auto for kids to play with back in 1997. At first, GTA 5 was only available for Xbox and PlayStation. Now it is also available for Windows and mobile phones. This game has awesome graphics. You can make this game run on an Android phone by making some changes to the software on the phone.

GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK & Cheat:


Because it has high-quality graphics, this game needs a Gaming computer with high performance. So no one can think that it will run on Android phones because they don’t have enough capacity to load this game. We were also posted Vertigo Racing Mod APK, remember to check it out too. Well, it is just a myth. If you have an Android phone with good performance then you can play GTA 4 on your Android mobile too. Also, have a look at GTA 3 app.

You can play GTA V on your phone with this article. It is not necessary to root your phone. After reading the whole tutorial, you will be able to install and run our favorite game, GTA 5, on your phone.

Download GTA 5 Mod APK Latest Version:

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After seeing lots of interest from Android users, Rock star Games has decided to make GTA 5 possible to run on Android OS. So they developed and launched the beta version of the game for us. It is enough even if it is a beta version of this game because we need a lot of power to play it. There are good quality graphics in the game, even though you need a good phone to play it. It can’t be played on normal phones. You need to download GTA V APK and DATA and OBB files which take up almost 3 GB of storage. You will need a high-performance phone or tablet with enough space for this game. Now Download Rebel Racing MOD APK latest Version (MOD MENU, Unlimited Money)

Requirements to Play GTA V APK on Android:

Android phones are not able to play GTA V. But if you have a good performance Android phone, it can work. You should download some files before you start playing the game and then follow our tutorial to set up the game on your smartphone. You need an Android phone that can run GTA V well.

  • Ram: 4GB+
  • CPU: At least 2 Core

After downloading the files below, you can install GTA 5 on your Android. Here is a list of all the files you’ll need to install.

GTA 5 Mod APK Latest Version Application Information:

App NameGTA V
Android Version Requires4.0+
Total Downloads10,000,000+
App Size 21.1 MB + 2.6 GB
DeveloperRockstar Games
MODNo Verification, Unlimited Money
AvailableGoogle Play Store
Last Update3 days Ago

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Key Features of GTA V Game:

Grand Theft Auto 5 introduced a lot of new technology for games today. It is so interesting! We should be talking about it more! Here are the top 10 things about this game:

A huge map:

The game Los Santos is based in Los Angeles. You can see that because it has the VINEWOOD sign, which looks like HOLLYWOOD. And it has the beaches and busy streets just like LA. The city is so big that you will need to play with other characters to explore all of it.

A lot of missions:

The missions are the things you need to do to progress the story. There are many missions in this game, for example, rescuing people, driving cars, escaping from gangsters, or assassinating people. You can also fight with enemies and heists. The missions are all different and exciting. If you don’t complete them – it’s not good.

3 Playable Characters:

There is usually only one main character in a story. But GTA 5 has three! They have different backgrounds, jobs, and races. Michael De Santa is a retired bank robber who made a deal with the FBI to move his family to Los Santos. Franklin Clinton is a repo man and friend of Michael’s. Trevor Philips is friends with Michael and likes to do crazy things like robbing banks or being in the military before he was fired. In this game, you can choose from 3 characters. The end of the game will depend on what they do and how they interact with each other.

Star-studded Radio Stations:

There are many different radio stations in this game. They are not just songs put together. There are old songs by popular artists like A$AP Rocky, Pam Grier, Out kast, N.W.A, Kenny Loggings, and more.

Fancy vehicles:

In GTA 5, there are many different types of vehicles. There are different categories such as Sports cars, Muscle cars, Super, Supersport Classics, sedans, and SUVs. In each category, there are different types of vehicles you can choose from. The fun starts when you steal a vehicle from someone else by hijacking it.

Plenty of mini-games:

In GTA 5, there are many mini-games you can do. These include playing golf, tennis, parachuting over the city, doing yoga, or just taking a drive around the city. However, if you want to do something more daring and are not afraid of getting a wanted status then commit a crime in GTA 5.

GTA V Online:

GTA 5 Online is the multiplayer mode in GTA 5. You can play with other people without being at their house. You can do missions and have adventures together.

High-quality graphics:

Even though GTA 5 has been around for a long time, it still has the best graphics. The graphics are better than modern games like Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption, or others.

Exciting and smooth gameplay:

Overall, the game GTA 5 is smoother than ever. It came a long way from GTA IV and the first game. It has some great shooting mechanics, modern driving gameplay, and an overall realistic gaming experience.


Surprisingly, you can hunt animals here. There are a lot of animals to hunt and places to explore. You should try hunting for a change of pace and enjoy the hunt.

Tips to Get the Most Out of GTA 5:

This game was released 8 years ago. It is still being played by many people for the first time. So we thought that it would be helpful to give some pointers.

Participate in the stock market:

In GTA 5, you can buy and sell stocks like in real life. There are two exchanges LCN and BAWSAQ. You can invest money there and get richer if you listen to what’s happening in the news and other people’s advice. But most importantly, just keep investing and analyzing charts at these exchanges.

Escape the police:

When playing GTA 5, you will always have a wanted level, no matter what. This is because the police come when you do bad things. To escape the police, try to go off-road in the game, or walk instead of driving if possible.

Use your special abilities:

In GTA V, each of the characters has special abilities. These can help you get better skills. Sometimes you need to use them in difficult situations.

How to Install GTA 5 on Any Android Phone?

First of all, you need to download all the required files on your phone. Check out the Requirements section to download GTA 5 Apk and Data. When you have downloaded these files, start following the steps below to install and run GTA V on your smartphone.

At first, install the GTA 5 APK file which you have downloaded from above.

To install an app, you first need to click on the app. Then you should wait for it to download. Once it finishes downloading, then your phone will ask if you want to install it. If you haven’t ever installed an App before, make sure that the box next to “Unknown Sources” is checked so that your phone can let apps come from other places than just Google Play Store.

Now, on your phone, go to the Play Store and download the Es File Explorer App. Open it and find this folder with a data file in it called “Game”. Extract the data file from this folder.

You need the GTA 5 APK and the Data file. I have already put these in a Mirrored Link. You can download them using Wi-Fi or Mobile Data (it will be harder to get them on your Mobile Data). If you have a fast internet connection, you might want to try downloading with it instead of Wi-Fi.

Download GTA 5 for IOS Devices:

If you are an IOS user, then you can use the link below to download GTA 5 for your phone. It is one of the easiest methods to get GTA 5 on your iPhone. We now have an APK for IOS devices. If you have any questions or issues, please comment below.

GTA V for Android is now available. You can download the APK file and its Data. It is a real gaming experience on Android phones. Play GTA V anytime, anywhere on your phone. Let me know how much you liked this game on phone.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding GTA 5:

How to Download GTA 5 on Mobile?

We have given you a place to download the above. It is up to you what device you use.

How to Download GTA 5 on IOS?

We have also provided links for IOS devices. Check them out.

Where Do I Get GTA 5 APK + OBB? For my Android?

We have a download link above. Look at it.

Final Thoughts:

So, this is how to install and play GTA V on any Android smartphone. I think it was not hard to make this game work on your phone. You just need to download GTA 5 Apk + Data file on your device and then unzip that file according to the tutorial, we shared above. If the download link is broken or not working, you can tell us. We will try to fix it as soon as possible. Now, what are you waiting for? Download GTA V Apk on your phone and have fun! If you have any questions, just leave a comment. We will answer it soon.

Download GTA 5 Mod APK Latest Version:

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